How Can a Researcher Interpret Small Spikes in the Data?

In your raw data, you may see some spikes at irregular intervals. Without knowing the exact circumstances of the data collection, we can only provide general information about what may be related to these spikes.

  • If spikes both rise rapidly and are short-lived, it is indicative of an instantaneous event of the sensor detecting a large amount of alcohol that dissipates quickly, such as applying hand sanitizer, perfume, or pouring yourself a stiff drink.
  • Speaking broadly, if the y-axis in the exported data is somewhat tight (meaning the range is 0 to 30 ug/L for example), and if most of the little spikes are less than 30 ug/L, it’s likely an environmental disturbance near the Skyn.
  • Lastly, please remember the sensor is quite sensitive to external alcoholic substances and Skyn provides an estimation of alcohol volume consumed in a timespan. Skyn is best used to see aggregate intoxication indications and/or approximations over the span of multiple hours.
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