What Are Best Practices for Wearing Skyn?

  • The most important thing is to wear the Skyn on the underside of the wrist, about 1-inch away from the joint between your hand and wrist (Opposite of where a watch would go). This is important because the underside of the wrist has significantly more arteries and veins, which translates into a stronger TAC signal.
  • If the Skyn is worn on the top of the wrist, the TAC signal will be weaker, and the data collected will have more noise.
  • The second most important thing is the tightness of the band. The Skyn sensor should be snug to the user’s skin, and should not lose direct contact with the user’s skin at any time. If worn tight enough, the sensor will likely leave a light imprint on the user’s wrist, this is okay (just make sure the band is not uncomfortable).
  • The last point to consider is motion - the more the Skyn sensor jiggles on the wrist, the more noisy the data will be. The best method to mitigate this potential noise is to wear the Skyn on the non-dominant hand.
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